Smart Cards

Plastic loyalty and credit cards are the basic mean of strengthening the retention and loyalty of the stable customers and acquisition of new ones. Create relationship with your customers using Smart cards’ available features. Smart cards can carry discounts, bonuses, customer´s identification or also a ticket.

The size of a standard plastic card according to ISO standard is 85.60 mm
(± 0.12 mm) x 54 mm (± 0.08 mm) and the card´s thickness is 0.76 mm.

During card production, however, it is not necessary to follow only this standard size. On your request, it is possible to employ creative, atypical solutions – plastic cards can have various shapes and can be delivered with a key tag or other carriers of identification.

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Kinds of cards

We offer wide variety of specialized cards and we will recommend the best solution for you.

Do you want card to be a data carrier? We will prepare for you cards with chip or magnetic stripe.
Is a card intended for identification only? We will create personalized cards with a signature field.
We will combine all available features, in order to provide you with the best solution. We also adjust graphical elements to achieve the look expressing your brand.

Magnetic stripe

Employ the most popular and widespread solution. Magnetic stripe provides you with ability to re-write, which makes it the best solution for subscription (sport clubs, cafeteria) as well as for identification of customers or employees.

Moreover, magnetic stripe cards are cheap and easy to implement solution. Re-writability allows you to use one card for more customers or employees, therefore enhancing cost effectivity.

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Chip cards

Enhance the protection of data, stored on your cards, by using a chip. Card contains inbuilt microprocessor for the data storage, which makes this solution more secure and resistant than any alternative.

Contactless variant, with chip molded into the inside, ensures that there is no mechanical wear of the chip, providing your cards with much longer lifetime. Moreover, chip cards provide same re-writability features as magnetic stripe cards do.

Integrated cards

Do you wish to provide your customers with temporary cards? Integrated cards are the best solution for you. It is frequently used tool, thanks to low costs and easy to implement feature.

Your customer finds directly in the form integrated paper card covered into a foil (matt, semi-gloss, glossy). We customize the card according to your needs in a way, that you can further print or write on it. You can choose from 2 available options.

The cheapest simple peeling card, which leaves thin foil or a blank spot after peeling. Or you can choose double-sided sticky card, which offers double size (face and back side next to each other). Card is then covered in a foil from the face side and in sticky silicon paper from the back.

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Card personalization

Provide your customers with feeling of uniqueness via your personalized cards. Thanks to personalization elements, each card is unique.

You can choose from basic personalizing elements:

- Termoprint
- Embossing
- Hotstamping
- Signature field

We also provide further personalizing elements such as photograph, wiping field, hologram or a temperature sensitive foil.


Do you want to personalize your cards with name, barcode, validity or with a logo? Thermopring allows you to apply text or graphical elements in various colors.

You can choose black thermoprint, which offers the longest durability, yet your cards can be customized using red, green, blue or white color. Thermoprint’s advantage is, that it is not removable.

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Provide your cards with reputable design by using Embossing, which is technology of raising the text on front side of the card.

We can complement Embossing with Tipping, when peaks of raised letter are covered in color. This significantly increases readability of the raised text. We can adjust height of Embossing according to your needs, with two options of 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm.


Protect your cards from forgery thanks to Hotstamping. Card is covered in a colored foil (usually metallic one) using high temperature. We recommend you Hotstamping for print of logo, sticking 2D (3D) holograms or wipe fields.

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Signature field

Do you need personalized cards for smaller number of customers or for your employees? Then cards with signature field are the right solution for you.

When issuing card a name, signature or validity can be written on. These fields can be used to prevent card’s abuse. We offer white, transparent or colored signature field, which can be placed on a card based on your requirements.

Complex solution

Utilize complex solution for implementation of loyalty cards in your company. We will propose the concept and recommend you the most suitable technology with the most appropriate personalization elements. We will provide for cards’ distribution as well as administration software for the loyalty program.

Save your valuable time and let us take care of everything. You will gain the best tailored solution for your company.

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