Customer Service

Provide your customer service with tool, which allows for timely and accurate response to any customer’s request. Supply the customer service with the tools and all the needed information for their excellent work.

CareCloud grants clear information about purchasing behaviour, including: loyalty cards, vouchers, other rewards, benefits and status. On top of that, inclusion into segment or marketing activities, with respect to individual accounts, is provided.

The CareCloud CRM not only informs, but also allows for active work with the customer account, user settings of necessary parameters and updates of selected data to the account – all this with respect to the hierarchy of user´s access rights.

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Campaigns & Segmentation

Is it undesirable for your marketing department to spend time and energy with inefficient campaign preparation? Are external services undesirably expensive? Gain intuitive and flexible tools for segmentation, campaign preparation and execution.

The module Campaigns & Segmentation in our CareCloud CRM allows for simple preparation of data for campaign realization. Segmentation can be done based on custom selected parameters and criteria. Defined segment can be consecutively used for the creation of a DM campaign communicated by post, e-mail or through SMS. Selected information can be also distributed using personalized web pages as well as social networks.

The module Campaigns is able to test sending as well as proper displaying of prepared DM communication. Campaign is sent based on the attributed priority and is consequently benchmarked against purchasing behaviour of unaddressed segments. CareCloud CRM suggests the segment, which will be affected by the campaign the most. Suggestion is based on a selected way of marketing communication and various custom criteria. It simplifies user preparation thanks to saved templates and makes the campaigning faster and easier.

CareCloud CRM has a direct connection to SMS gate, as well as modules for communication with web applications or Facebook using web services at disposal.

Analyses & Reporting

Gain assurance, that your marketing efforts are effective and appropriately timed. Determine exact profit from your last marketing campaign. CRM CareCloud identifies, analyses and anticipates the needs and desires of your customers. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of marketing investment.

The analytical system contains reports for evaluation of the purchasing behaviour, profit and margin reports, geoanalytical tools, reports of success rates and information about reaction and the course of marketing activities. More advanced analyses allow for assessment of Recency - Frequency - Monetary parameters. The geoanalytical module compares the selected values from the point of view of regional layout in
well-arranged maps. Product analysis provides useful information about the shopping cart.

Besides these basic analytical tools, CareCloud CRM allows users to create
ad hoc reports. All items from the data warehouse, including the data from primary source systems, can be used for their creation. The user simply chooses a combination of any selected data from the data warehouse and determines the type of output set for activity assessment.

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Reservation system

CareCloud CRM includes a module for booking events with unlimited number of buildings, spaces, types as well as reserved rooms for events in selected time period.

Booking system allows you to easily choose a date, time, room, and other optional parameters of bookings. Users have various editing possibilities at hand, which are based on their access rights.

Booking module can be used for ordering via the web interface or can be deployed for direct orders from the website operator. Overview can be toggled to display different time periods (day, week, month). Booking module is versatile, therefore is used by the owners of fitness centers, operators of sports and cultural events, restaurants and bars, hairdressers, medical facilities and other entities.

Marketing automation

No need for additional marketing software, CRM CareCloud has got you covered! Enjoy increased sales, decreased retention costs and stronger loyalty of your customers, while saving precious time of your employees at the same time.

Marketing automation module in CRM CareCloud provides you with start-to-end marketing automation processes, including data collection, profiling, segmentation and evaluation for resegmentation. Large scale, sophisticated marketing was never easier! Contact us and our consultant will demonstrate MA possibilities.

Logistics & Storage

CareCloud CRM contains module for complex warehouse management and transparent stock item movement records. User friendly reports allow for easy inventory supervision.

Module delivers overview of current stock amount and movement. Such overview can be filtered with respect to the type, quantity, prices or any other custom parameter. History of movement for each stock can be viewed as well.

You can view details of each stock including product prices in different currencies, tax, weight, size, condition and other custom parameters.

In warehouse management system you can create reports, which provides authorized user with desired data. The module is connected with other
co-modules to achieve higher efficiency.

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Loyalty Engine

The Loyalty module is a superstructure for administration of the loyalty program within the company’s CRM solution. The module manages functionalities and parameters of the loyalty program.

Using CareCloud CRM, the user can within loyalty programs administer point gaining schemes, status programs, durations, programs with instant flat discounts as well as integration of coalition partner´s programs.

The user can define levels of membership and statuses of the loyalty program, including the forms of their acquisition; method of transfer of spending into points, rate of general discount and the scope of validity for individual membership levels, generation of vouchers and bonuses, etc.


The data warehouse in CRM CareCloud gathers all customers data and applies advanced statistical methods for their analysis. System predicts future purchasing behavior of each customer thanks to the data analysis of the entire buying behavior history, responses to marketing campaigns and communication with customer across all channels in CRM.

Module provides valuable information for understanding customer behavior patterns in order to adapt marketing strategy accordingly. Every marketing campaign can be targeted based on the revealed behaviour pattern. Predictive model allows for more personalized offers, resulting in significantly increased sales through various channels such as telemarketing, direct emailing or personal sales


CareCloud E-shop includes intuitive user administration of the product catalogue such as product classification to the product groups, price relations, content administration through CMS or connection to payment gateways for easy credit card or bank transfer payments.

The Upsell feature allows to offer, during purchase, other products within the same product group and therefore increase the customer’s spending. It is fully administered functionality. Users can define custom upsell combinations for each product or viewing criteria.

Cross-sell (Xsell) gives the possibility to offer additional products from other categories. Several predefined combination for one selected product can be also displayed, moreover Upsell and Xsell can be offered simultaneously.

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