Overview of services

We provide wide variety of services connected with digital print. Contract us and we will choose together the best option for you.

Our basic services contain:
The digital print of documents, including colored personalized data. Offset print with consequent laser personalization. Large-format print of banners and other large-format carriers, including their personalization. Production and print of plastic cards, key tags and other identification elements. Laser print of flat documents.

Production of envelopes and their all-format colored print. The print of variable data on envelopes. Machine completion of standard as well as custom formats envelopes. Enveloping. Wrapping into foil. Folding, perforation and inserting of enclosures into envelopes. Complete processing of parcel shipments.

Digital print

The printing machine Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C6000 combines high-speed colored print production of variable personalized print data with extended possibilities for integration of professional completion. With its abilities to create a picture and perfectly consistent quality of print, the Bizhub PRESS C6000 series model opens a new era of great quality of colored prints.

Bizhub PRESS C6000 provides digital coloured production with a high efficiency of 100,000 coloured pages per day. A unique picture quality, impressive print resolution (1 200 x 1 200 dpi x 8 bit) is able to perfectly reproduce even the smallest characters and the thinnest lines. In combination with a great toner Simitri HD, the result corresponds to the quality of the offset print.

Absolute consistency of output is ensured by the technology S.E.A.D. II, FM screening, stability monitoring and density check. The machine is equipped with a sophisticated system of leading the paper and versatile completion, including binding V1, binding V2 and multi-position hole punching.

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Lettershop Easymailer Kern

Kern 515 EasyMailer ® offers a completely new technology for personalized mailing. It is a unique solution which is able to produce personalized envelopes from printed sheets of paper of A3 or A4 format in one step. Comparison of optical marks ensures data integrity.

Imagine that you are able to print simultaneously a letter and envelope in full colours and with variable graphics/text both on a sheet of A3/A4 format paper on the front and back side. Then imagine that a personalized document is packed into a correct pre-printed envelope and ready to be sent in one step. Exactly this is offered by a unique solution called Easymailer.

Kern 515 EasyMailer allows easy personalized communication with prospective and current customers. Revolution in Direct Mail services and in transactional processing of mail is a reality. Kern 515 EasyMailer brings in a new era of variable digital and offset print. Graphic changes, printing and sending is completed in one operation.

To gain the customer´s attention is not an easy task. Personalized letters and envelopes which are above the scope of a plain text, name and address, attract attention. Test results show that by the use of personalized technology you can achieve an increase in response rate of between 5% and 20%.

Personalization of documents

We have a wide range of versatile machines for different carriers personalization using variable data at disposal. We are able to personalize any paper document, envelope or a plastic card.

These services are provided by any supplier. However, is your current supplier capable of personalizing a metal box, a stone cube, brick, hardbound leather book or a twenty-meter long banner?

Let us transform your creative idea into reality.

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Parcel shipments

We will provide to you complex preparation of sending as well as execution of sending itself. We are experienced with parcel sending of any dimensions and types, intended for postal transport or delivery through courier services and shipping companies.

We package goods as well as any documents or materials according to requirements and distribution plans. We pack into cardboard, tubes, cardboard blanks, foil or paper packaging.

We equip parcels with all necessary documents required by the selected shipping company, we also print invoices and delivery notes to shipments. We make necessary financial transactions in the case of cash on delivery. We send fragile goods, oversized, express, valuable and registered parcels and cash on delivery or to hand, to any country in the world.

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