Security and data protection

Cortex warrants a complex approach to security, from the development of applications to operation and management of all services provided. We thoroughly implement security policy and comply with the strictest security standards.

The objective of policy is to ensure maximum security and protection of intellectual property, processed information and personal information against theft, destruction, alteration or virus infection.

The solutions are administered and developed by highly qualified and trained employees, using the latest technologies and processes, with the goal of the highest level of security and protection of personal data. All customer data is your property and are used only for purposes defined by you.

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System Integration

CareCloud CRM allows interconnection of primary source systems such as: POS system, web portal, economic software, warehouse system, e-shop, document repository, accounting system, reservation system, payment gate or existing ERP system by using pre-defined communication interfaces to the central integration platform CareCloud CRM.

The use of CareCloud CRM allows mutual integration of primary systems in one effective and complex unit. You will be provided with infrastructure usefully designed for support of particular business processes.

System administration

In the CareCloud CRM, user can administer a large number of parameters and adjust the system for the needs and requirements of specific business activities. Groups of users are easily created and have their roles defined with respect to access rights to particular functional units or rights to selected operations.

The user with the relevant administrator's authorization can completely administer the database of CareCloud CRM users. Users can start using the system immediately, which achieves for you maximum return on investment into CRM.

Active fields, which are used in the user interface, as well as all text information can be easily edited and customized. This brings broader systemic features importance in each particular installation.

CareCloud CRM is multilingual. It includes a module which makes it simple to add additional localization. Moreover, CareCloud CRM is currently located in 5 languages including Slovak, English or French.

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CareCloud CRM can be provided in a SaaS form (Software as a Service in Cloud). You pay only as much as you utilize. The monthly fee is calculated based on the estimated number of imported purchasing transactions and the modules you utilize. Number of users is unlimited and number of active users does not influence the fee. The database is hosted on a cryptographically secured server on the backbone network.

Alternatively, CareCloud can be installed on the database machine in your VPN, or on servers which are in your ownership and management. The application CRM CareCloud can be accessed regardless of the way of deployment, through any web browser and from many various end appliances. During logging in, the relevant access rights are checked.

Service Level

The operational standard in the case of cloud solution is a contract, where we guarantee level and availability of SLA services on the level of 99.99%, with a contractual penalty if breached. Data is saved on the backbone network in the hosting centre.

The new versions and updates are easily and operatively distributed without any long outages, increasing the availability of services. Therefore, you will avoid costly upgrade administration.

CareCloud CRM is an inexpensive solution with flexible possibilities of payment, which allows you to plan operating costs easily. The price model of the cloud solution with payments according to the utilization of individual modules allows the transfer of investment expenses into lower, regular operating expenses.

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Enterprise solution

We provide database services since 1992 and thanks to the acquired experience we bring secure and reliable database solution for your customer data. Our standard is to use a reliable and powerful PostgreSQL database environment with alternative options for customized migration to other robust, or proprietary commercial platforms according to your needs and requirements (Oracle, MySQL).

Data exchange with source system is handled mainly via CareCloud CRM Web services. The reason for the massive expansion of web services is the emergence of defined protocols SOAP and WSDL XML syntax as communication standards between systems.

Global availability

Thanks to CareCloud CRM you can connect your team from different branches and countries regardless of their geographic location. You will provide your team with integrated and localized tools, allowing them to effectively communicate and cooperate in a global environment.

Decrease operating costs, simplify access to the data and facilitate easier user training thanks to employing single data warehouse. Moreover, gain easy and operative deployment of customizable cloud solution.

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