Multilingual Call Centre

We are providing extended services of international multilingual Call Centre. Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian, German, French and English native speakers are at your disposal.

We process calls from various countries using local numbers and excellent native speakers. Your customers will not notice, that they are connected to international Call Centre. Call operators are native speakers with flawless speech in specified language. Elaborate testing and educational scheme, starting from recruitment and continuing throughout employment, ensures high level of service. Join our satisfied clients from Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

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Peak Call centre

Are you planning promo action, contest or marketing campaign and increased amount of calls and emails is expected? Or is everything already in progress and customers are calling more than your call centre can handle? Cortex will quickly provide you with call centre, which processes effectively large amounts of calls and emails.

Our unique concept of freely available agents will allow you to redirect calls and emails to Cortex so quickly, that the competition wont even manage to assess their available capacities. We are the most effective partner.

Achieve better SLA, greater customer satisfaction or damage mitigation thanks to professional contact line. Quickly and easily accessible customer line is necessary to uphold your good brand. Inquire our services today and be the brand with the best customer service.

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Tailored Call Centre

We offer a unique service called TAILORED CALL CENTRE, which is based on the sharing of our professional Call Centre’s capacities. We will provide you with partial or complete outsourcing of technical background and human resources. You can use our virtual PBX and decide what share of communication you wish to solve with customers internally.

We offer rent of a Call Centre, which we can tailor to your requirements. We can also arrange for a complete outsourcing of the Call Centre using our technology with our professionally trained employees.

A tailored Call Centre is intended especially for you, if you desire high quality and complexity of solution connected with the need for efficient and professional communication towards current and prospective customers. It is mostly appreciated solution especially by companies implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution as a tool for efficient management relationship with customers.

You can use the service of virtual VoIP exchange and simultaneously redirect any portion of communication directly to your internal staff, regardless of their physical location. Complete control over distribution communication with customers is continuously in your hands and comes without any charges. Capacities can be changed by the user according to your current needs. Internal and external employees can have the same resources at their disposal, including the possibility of using cloud CRM platform called CareCloud CRM.

We offer complete analysis of your needs and based on findings, we propose solution, implementation, operation, supervision and consultancy of the professional Call Centre. Take advantage of using one supplier for complex Call Centre service.

If You wish to open a professional Call Centre, yet do not want to spend time and energy on equipment choosing and purchase, sorting out technical background or choosing and training your own employees, then this is the best solution for you!

Inbound telemarketing

Use inbound telemarketing (administration of incoming calls) to provide your customers with space for fast reaction to marketing campaign, in order to access information (green lines), order goods or services (ordering lines), seek advice (help desk) or to deliver answer in contest (contest lines).

Regardless of line’s type, the high quality performance of the operator is crucial. We create high level of performance by a continuous process of product and communication trainings, as well as efficient individual coaching.

An important part of our Call Centre’s operation is regular inspection and analysis of recorded calls, consulting with statistically less successful operators, check of work with the script and check of the CRM record with the recorded call.

Come to persuade yourselves, how well we work with the operators!

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Electronic communication

We provide complex delivery for your electronic communication (email, SMS, personalized web, Facebook, MMS) in two ways – delivery of electronic communication as a service or the use of cloud platform CareCloud CR, which can be controlled by user via graphical interface. An electronic communication campaign can be completely prepared, sent and evaluated in this modular CRM application. Also, a server platform for centralized processing of electronic communication with customers is a part of our CareCloud CRM solution.

It does not matter whether it is an email, SMS, MMS, Facebook or personalized webpage, CareCloud CRM allows for simple data preparation for the realization of the campaign, based on the definition of parameters and custom criteria for the selected segment. The CRM module is able to test sending and displaying of prepared DM communication. Subsequently campaign with a selected priority can be sent. After campaign is finished, its success rate is evaluated by comparison with the shopping behaviour of unaddressed groups. CareCloud CRM is able to identify segment, which will best react to the selected way of marketing communication, according to many various criteria. This feature, complemented with saved templates, facilitates faster and easier campaign preparation.

CareCloud CRM contains direct connection to SMS gate. There are modules for communication with web applications or Facebook via web services at disposal.

Using email marketing, you can achieve long-term, fast and relatively cheap personalized communication. When using electronic mail, we send mass emails (newsletters), congratulations on various events (name days, birthdays, wedding anniversaries), notifications or comments. We completely process communication with customers within the customer service.

Test whether we can fulfil all the requirements which you put on quality electronic communication with your customers!

Outbound telemarketing

Utilize our outbound telemarketing for database update, verification and extension of entry data, market survey as well as active care of current customers. The core of our expertise is sale to current customers and acquisition of new ones.

Gain profit from our wide experience of retail as well as B2B sales. We will provide you with the best quality service thanks to training scheme in communication and sales throughout the employment of operators. All our staff members are certified in their area.

Our sales team provides excellent result for whole duration of cooperation thanks to continuous coaching and goal setting. High quality of calls is assured by continual oversight by two supervisors and one manager.

Our internal processes are in compliance with new GDPR regulation protecting personal information. All personal informations are protected from copying, deletion or alteration. We can provide counsel on setting outbound telemarketing in order for it to be GDPR compliant.

Do not risk fines of tens of millions Euros, choose us, a responsible supplier and your customers’ data will be secured.

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